Service Signs

Categories of COVID-19 Safety Signage


Exterior Physical Distancing Safety Signage 

The exterior physical distancing safety signage notifies visitors of your COVID-19 safety protocols. It comes in different options–here are some of them: 


  • Wind Signs: You can place a special wind sign outside your office. Ensure that the wind sign has a sturdy base. It should inform visitors of your COVID-19 safety protocol at a glance before entering the premises. 


  • Pavement Stickers: A pavement sticker is a perfect COVID-19 safety protocol if your business has physical interaction with customers every day. It shows the proper physical distancing while your customers are waiting to be served. 


  • Door Signs: The door signs are the most common COVID-19 safety signage. They remind your visitors to wear their face mask before entering the office premises. 


Interior Physical Distancing Safety Signage

The interior physical distancing safety signages are strategically placed around your workspace to remind people to maintain social and physical distancing continuously. Here are some common interior physical distancing safety signages:


  • Free Standing Banners: They remind your office visitors to maintain a safe distance. 


  • Floor Decals: They are adhesive floor stickers that show the exact distance your customers should give while waiting in the queue. 


  • Directional Signs: Directional signs are usually placed in narrow walkways; they help to show the flow of traffic. 

Hand sanitizer signs: These are interior signs that direct visitors to the location of hand sanitizer.