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How to Use Signs and Graphics to Create a More Positive Voting Experience

There are several ways Americans can cast their votes without visiting the polls. But for those who insist on casting their votes physically, signs and graphics will play a pivotal role in creating a more positive voting experience for them. They will help to protect, inform, and direct voters during the election. 


Here is how signs and graphics can create a more positive voting experience:


Inform Voters 

Signs are highly informative. They provide crucial information to voters about procedures and guidelines. Signs and graphics let the voters know where they will partake in in-person voting. 

Frames, temporary window graphics, and banners will remind voters to wear their masks, maintain social distancing, and adhere to COVID-19 protocols. 

Direct Voters 

Signs and graphics are placed strategically around the polls. They will help voters find their way around the voting space. Ideally, there should be a directional sign around the parking lot and frames at the entrance to control the traffic flow around the polls; this will help reduce confusion. 

While signs help to organize crowd control, floor graphics help to keep people safely separated. 

Protect Voters 

Voting poll signs can also protect voters against the deadly COVID-19 virus. The signs could have new elements like hand sanitizing stations, social distancing graphics on the floor for those waiting in line to vote, and graphics for those standing in front of the ballots. 

Similarly, there should also be a protective shield that allows voters to interact with volunteers without exposing themselves. Again, voting poll signs can be placed in regularly disinfected areas; this will give voters the impression that there are safety protocols on ground to keep them safe as they vote. 

Positively Impact Voters

The 2020 election is historic. The country just came out from a major lockdown due to COVID-19; it’s normal for voters to be scared of turning up to vote. But when there are COVID-19 signs and graphics everywhere, younger voters will be motivated to keep voting in the future.