Service Signs

6 Iconic Sign Posts 

Signposts have been around for a while. Some simply provide information or advertise a business, while others are emotionally appealing. The color and wordings of these signposts can easily reflect the mood of a particular place. 

Here some of the most iconic signposts:

1. Fabulous Las Vegas Sign 

The fabulous Las Vegas sign is iconic, and it’s located in Nevada, US. It’s 7.6 meters tall and has been a sign welcoming people to Sun City since 1958. 

The flashing lights and other beautiful decorations of the signpost aren’t there just to be fancy. They promise the fun and glamor you will experience while in the city. The fabulous Las Vegas sign ranked among the list of registered historic places in 2013. 


2. Broadway Street Signs 

Broadway Street’s signs are at the heart of Manhattan. The signs are in different locations. Interestingly, Broadway is the biggest attraction in New York City and the most recognized street globally.


3. Beverly Hills Signs 

Beverly Hills is one of the most amazing cities in California. The city is located in Los Angeles County; the city has 33 signposts, which are all tourist attractions. You can find these breathtaking signs in Beverly Garden Park, Beverly Visitor Center, Little Santa Monica, and many other places. 

#4. Moulin Rouge Windmill and Sign 

The Moulin Rouge windmill sign has been there since 1889. Located in Paris, France, it’s the venue of cabaret, modern can-can dance, and other fun activities. If you visit Paris for the first time, you will be attracted to this location due to its exceptional and fun musical dance entertainment. 

5. The Reno Arch

Reno is arguably the biggest little city in the world. It’s located in Northern Nevada, and it’s a haven for casino lovers. The Reno Arch is a neon-lighted sign that graciously displays that city motto. It’s spread over Virginia Street and was installed in 1987. 

6. Chicago Theatre Sign 

The Chicago Theatre sign is as old as the venue itself. It has been there since 1921. Interestingly, the sign is a landmark attraction in Chicago, and it has appeared in several movies. Perhaps that’s why it’s popular. 

The sign is 18 meters tall, and it’s visible from afar. If you are passionate about live entertainment, there’s no other place you can get jaw-dropping live entertainment than the Chicago Theatre. It’s a tourist attraction of its own. 

These are some of the most iconic signs of all time. If you take a closer look at all the signs, you will notice one thing about them–their designs, colors, and wording have been consistent. They have stood the test of time and became iconic over the years.